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  • Locally owned businesses build strong communities and create sustainable work;

  • Compared to large multi-international firms, locally owned businesses recycle a much larger share of their revenue back into the local economy, enriching the whole community;

  • Entrepreneurship fuels South Africa’s economic innovation and prosperity, and serves as a key means for families to move out of poverty into middle class;

Health and Safety Services

Majority of working class spend most of their time at work. Therefore it is paramount that safety is maximised in the workplace. Spending time at work should ideally not be dangerous at all, however, some work by its very nature has a risk of injury and danger attached it. We at ECM Health and Safety are happy to assist you to take practical steps to reduce and manage the risk of injury and other physical dangers at work or your business.


 Our approach to Occupational Health and Safety 

We subscribe to the Trade Unions principle "Injury to One, Injury to All." We are also committed to the notion of "Safety First" and "Stop and Think." These principles guide our Plan, Do, Check, and Act approach aligned to ISO Standards (OSHAS 18001 and ISO 9001) and working style as depicted below:

A  Division of ECM Group

"Working Together for a Safer Environment"

The mitigation of occupational risks does not end, rather it is embedded into the daily operations of the business. We assist our clients to build this culture and work under safe conditions. This calls for specific actions and disciple as depicted on the diagram below:

Our Occupational Health and Safety services 

Our team is well qualified and experienced to attend to your health and safety needs. Our Health and Safety consultants will guide you through the decision-making process and best suitable solutions. They are the experts in the field of occupational health and safety with accredited qualifications such as NOSA and SAMTRAC.

​​​​​​​We offer the following services:

Health and Safety Consulting

Health and Safety Programme Development

Workplace Inspections / Audits

Health and Safety Hazard Risk Assessments

Preparation of Safety Files to Client Specifications

Accident / Incident Investigation and Reporting

Occupational Risk Assessments

Health and Safety System Development and Implementation

Emergency Response Plans

Employer / Employee Legislative Compliance Reviews

Health and Safety Software Systems

Maintenance of Health and Safety Systems

Placement of Safety officers on a Contract Basis

Business Intelligence and Monthly Reporting

Contractor Management

Toolbox Talks and Safety Meetings (Corporate Training)

Personal Protective Clothing & Equipment (PPE)

Occupational Hygiene Services

Occupational Health and Employee Wellness Services

Our service offering is extensive and ideal for entities looking for a single or packaged service offering. We employ highly qualified and experienced professionals and specialists in these different fields in order to provide expert consulting, auditing and quality services. 


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