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Engineering Services

ECM Engineering offers a complete range of engineering services and solutions. These include amongst others provision of consulting & project management services, procurement, construction, commissioning, and management of operations and maintenance. Our services cover all facets of the project life cycle from feasibility stage through to implementation. We offer an end-to-end approach that goes beyond the mere delivery of products or services.

Electrical Engineering Services and Solutions

We provide the following Electrical Engineering services:

  • Designs, Specifications, Project, supervision and management of small to medium construction projects.
  • Refrigeration Plant, Standby Generators and Steam Boilers service and maintenance.
  • Certificates of Compliance (CoCs) including Hazardous Locations;
  • Solar PV Systems Installation, UPS’s
  • VSD, Soft Staters and Motor Controls Installation and Maintenance.
  • Installation, trouble shooting and maintenance of controls and instrumentation, PLC, HMI, SCADA.
  • Testing, commissioning and fault finding of electrical systems, three phase and single phase.
  • Installation of wire ways, cabling, switchboards, MCC and terminations.
  • Full Electrical Power and Lighting Reticulation
  • Power distribution systems condition monitoring: e.g. thermography for MCCs;

Industrial Engineering Services

We provide the following Industrial Engineering (IE) services and solutions:

  • Manufacturing (FMCG);
  • Industrial Factory Installations;
  • Agricultural Installations;
  • Facilities Warehouses;
  • Automation and Process Control;
  • Electrical Repair and Maintenance;
  • Troubleshooting and Preventative Maintenance;
  • Electrical System Analysis;
  • Power Quality Analysis;
  • Civil Works;
  • UPS and Power Generation Systems;
  • Solar PV Installations;

Commercial Building Services and Solutions

We assist our clients with various commercial works including developments and renovations which includes:

  • Office building construction works;
  • Health Care Centre development, maintenance, and renovations;
  • ICT hardware provisioning and supply;
  • Data Centres design, building, upgrade and maintenance;
  • General building works;
  • High rise buildings, renovations, and maintenance;
  • Shopping centers development and upgrades;
  • Hotels, Lodges, and Housing Estates development, maintenance and upgrades;
  • Commercial tenant installations and residential sub-divisions;
  • Institutional developments, renovations and maintenance e.g. schools, colleges and universities, correctional services, hospitals and clinics, sports and recreational facilities, etc.

Construction & Civil Works

We provide the following Construction and Civil Works services and solutions:

  • Roads - maintenance work, road marking, sandblasting and rehabilitation;
  • New construction and general maintenance work on existing buildings;
  • Structural works - maintenance and refurbishment on existing structures;
  • Demolishing and removal of rubble;
  • Parameter Fence installation work;
  • Water reticulation network - new connections, maintenance work, general plumbing, and major new development work; 
  • Civil works - new development sewer and stormwater pipe installation work, bulk earthworks removal and reinstatement;
  • New residential development construction work;
  • General quality control services;
  • Project management, estimating and quantifying;

Airfield Solutions

We combine our expertise and experience in the key domains of Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) Design, market-leading AGL products and solutions, system engineering, and service & maintenance to help your airport maximize safety and achieve high performance and 24/7 reliability.


We install certified product range of the latest safety solutions and management systems including LED runway and taxiway lights, precision approach and landing systems and surface movement radars makes us a one-stop shop from landing to take off.


CCR and Airfield Lighting Controls, Runway Lighting, Taxiway Lighting, Approach Lighting, Guidance Signs, Control and Monitoring, Power Equipment, Obstruction and Beacons, Wind Cones, Apron Lighting, Solar, Heliport Lighting, Portable Lighting, Transformer and cables, Installation and Mounting, Tools and spares, Airside services, Airfield Pumps and controls.


We deliver a broad range of engineering services that guarantee measurable results and a positive impact on your business. 

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