Our People and Heritage


We have a unique heritage and culture that informs our behavior and attitude towards work. Our vision and driving force were born out of a desire to provide business and engineering solutions to all our clients in pursuit of business success and strategic competitive edge. We approach all task with the same principles and utmost diligence and dedication to delivering.


Our Directors come from a variety of business backgrounds with extensive knowledge and experience. Our Managers and employees are well qualified, experienced and capable to deliver exceptional quality. In addition to having the necessary skills and expertise, we are committed to the company's purpose & vision, and we are highly commended by our clients for professional excellence and innovation.


How we choose our people


We select our people through a combination of recruitment approaches namely direct talent identification from the educational system/channels, head hunting, traditional application and interview, and internal skills development. We look for the following attributes amongst others:


  • Leadership capability - Proven or to be natured with the ability to innovate and solve problems/challenges;
  • Value-driven personality - Our values and ethics are the cornerstone of our work and behavior;
  • Goals and Performance driven - As a  growing company we require individuals driven by a desire to achieve and perform at high levels;
  • Technical ability - Expectations from our clients are high, therefore knowledge, skills, competencies and IT tools form part of our core client value offering;


We are engaged in a long journey to build true African legacy and business of note. Therefore we are looking for future business partners, not just employees. As a company we are committed to skills and people development, taking time to carefully invest our time, resources and skills to build future leaders and business partners. 


We understand the business and economic imperative to create sustainable work and reduce the levels of poverty and inequality. To this end, we are committed to contribute positively to the employment of young people and help reduce the high unemployment rate amongst our youth, employment equity with a focus on previously disadvantaged groups or personnel, and affirmative action with a focus on woman empowerment.


Are you interested in joining our team? Send us your CV and certified copies of qualifications to humanresources@ecmgroupza.co.za or contact us directly.  Alternatively, you can submit your CV online to us.

"We invite you to join our journey and contribute to the building of the lasting true legacy"



Online CV Submission


Please complete the form below and attach your CV, certified copies of qualifications (if any) and ID. Our recruitment team will receive your submission and match it to the relevant post or file it for future vacancies. Thank you very much for taking your time and interest in wanting to join our team.

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Why choose us?


We have successfully launched our business and working towards contributing to the changes in the landscape of the South African business environment for the good of all. We recognize the importance of small and medium-sized businesses in the economy, especially on employment. We want to do everything in our power to shape our tomorrow, and as such we are committed to people development, taking time to understand their ambitions and long-term objectives.


We continue to set new standards of excellence in African business by creating a working culture that is inclusive, collaborative and where our people are equipped to challenge the ordinary and redefine standards of excellence.