Why support local and small to medium size businesses like us?


  • Locally owned businesses build strong communities and create sustainable work;

  • Compared to large multi-international firms, locally owned businesses recycle a much larger share of their revenue back into the local economy, enriching the whole community;

  • Entrepreneurship fuels South Africa’s economic innovation and prosperity, and serves as a key means for families to move out of poverty into middle class;

Business Solutions and Tools


Thank you for visiting us “a supplier of enterprise solutions at small business prices.” Our business solutions span from a simple business process reviews and automation into a more complex solution such as ERP System to turn manual business processes into automated business processes, Integrated HR and Payroll System to management organization's workforce planning, budgeting, HR compliance and submissions, etc. We view our role as that of a reliable business partner for growth or strategic advisor to improve business processes and deliver projects.


Our main value offering is the provision of business solutions to modern day challenges in order to gain a competitive advantage and sustained growth or development by:


  • introducing proven strategies and techniques to improve productivity and returns;
  • changing manual processes into electronic or automated processes to strengthen business efficiency while lowering the cost of business;
  • providing reliable and economical marketing goods, tools and equipment that builds and strengthens our clients brand presence and strength; and
  • providing strategic business advice on simple and complex matters such as tax compliance, corporate governance best practice and application, internal controls reviews and recommendations for improvement, risk management, etc.


It is evident from the above that we offer various extensive services, therefore it is a good idea to meet with us and discuss our business offering in detail. What about we arrange a time to consider your business challenges and processes, versus our solutions? [Book an appointment now] 


Please take a look at a summary of various business services and solutions that we provide on this website and our Social Network Platforms.


We have arranged our Business Solutions offering into three main categories as follows: