Business Management Solutions & Systems


Traditionally, accounting is purely based on a combination of manual and/or electronic system approach. Experience and skillfulness of an individual accountant are critical in the traditional accounting processes. The biggest disadvantage of the traditional approach is the ineffective and inefficient practices embedded in the system. A modern approach to business management and accounting employs accounting information systems (AIS) which combines management functions and processes into a financial system to resolve many of the issues incurred in the traditional approach and business management in general. AIS support an automation of processing a large amount of data and produce timely and reliable reports to support the business decision processes.

We at ECM Group have adopted a modern approach to business management and accounting information system(s) which utilises the state of the art accounting information system integrated together with Credit Management, Marketing, Asset Management, etc. Our solution(s) takes away from you the hassle of preparing financial records and reporting, thereby allowing you to focus on the core of your business and operations. 

As a standard offering on our ERP system (or AIS), you will have capacity or functionality to basic and advance functions and business intelligence to support your business operations and decision-making process based on your needs such as:

  • Preparation of Quotations and Invoices for your customers on the system;
  • Preparation Requisitions and Purchase Orders to your suppliers on the system;
  • Access to real-time financial reports and profitability analysis;
  • Access to BI Reports to monitor performance of your business at any time or on your mobile phone;
  • etc.


We will provide dedicated resources to work with you based on the terms and conditions agreed between us. We will provide the right resource for the work at hand and state of the art system to meet and exceed your expectations.


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Human Resources And Payroll Services

Markets in Africa are becoming increasingly competitive as foreign businesses expand their operations across South Africa and the rest of the African continent. To survive this modern business world, businesses need to be efficient and effective. Productivity and profits typically go hand in hand and yet, many companies still manage their Payroll and HR processes in an inefficient and/or ineffective manner.

We understand that managing HR and Payroll functions within the modern day business environment can be very challenging coupled with the risk of non-compliance with laws and regulations.


We at ECM Group have the right solution to take care of the challenge pose by HR and Payroll including Time and Attendance management. Depending on your requirements our solutions can be provided in different forms such as self-service, outsourced or co-sourced.


Our Payroll and HR solution and/or system help modernise your business process and enable your team to achieve more in less time. Here are the important benefits of our solution:

1. You save time


With our HR and Payroll system, your company's employees can directly access their work and personal data online whenever they need to. The information is readily available to them 24/7 from any mobile device. They no longer have to contact you to find out if a leave request has been approved or to request a payslip for bank or insurance purposes.


2. You can access information quickly


Employees and their managers can instantly access the information they need without having to go through the HR department. Team leaders who may be based in the office, or travelling to clients or a different office to their reporting staff can use the self-service portal to view or assign certain tasks and track progress. The staff's leave balances, payslips, performance reports and claims are all directly accessible. This means that management and HR team can focus on more strategic projects like the company expansion plan and succession planning, without getting constantly interrupted with requests.


We offer the following HR and Payroll Solutions amongst others:


  • HR Consulting & Support Services;

  • Workforce Management and Budgeting;

  • Skills Development, Succession Planning and Talent Management;

  • Compliance and Labour Relations;

  • Recruitment Management;

  • Employment Equity and Transformation Services;

  • Risk Assessments, Compliance Reviews and HR Audits;

  • HR Technology and Tools Advisory and Implementation;

  • Performance Management Services (PMS);

  • Outsourced or co-sourced Payroll Services;

  • HR Planning & Policy Development;

  • Integrated Employee Wellness Solutions;

  • Corporate Training, etc.

What are the benefits of outsourcing your payroll?


  • It frees up time and resources at your entity to focus more on core business and operations;

  • It gives you access to more technology and expertise to perform payroll well;

  • It reduces costs of maintaining system, training staff and the related payroll risks;

  • Improves compliance and internal controls;


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3. Say goodbye to paperwork


Our system is paperless and accessible online and can record employee leave, training schedules, expense claims and payslips. HR and Payroll teams no longer need to manage this manually. Timesheets can be updated and submitted electronically and an online calendar can house your entire company's leave and training schedule for easy viewing.


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Accounting And Business Software Solutions


Traditionally small to medium size businesses do not have budgets to implement sophisticated accounting systems and tools to streamline back-office operations and management reporting. The well established big business often choose ERP systems which are designed to support all accounting functions and activities including auditing, financial reporting, managerial accounting and tax amongst other things.

We are proud to bring the ERP System to all businesses regardless of their size and complexity at highly affordable and competitive prices. Our ERP Solution, Palladium Accounting, and Accumatica are certified as Gold Microsoft Partners well developed using the latest Microsoft technologies in the .Net environment and optimizes the MS SQL Server database.

Our strength lies in our diversity and ability to adapt systems and processes to suit the precise requirements of our customers' businesses. The product itself boasts many leading features that set us apart from our competitors.


Our ERP Software is Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Certified and has also been Accredited by the ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers), as well as the South African Institute for Business Accountants (SAIBA). The software was evaluated and endorsed by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) and is used by the Institute of Internal Auditors South Africa and others.

Why invest in our ERP offering?



  • Our ERP Solutions are easy to use and provide an in-depth functionality you need to function optimally;
  • Our ERP Solutions will support your business processes and automate accounting, financial management and reporting functions thereby optimising the business operations;
  • Our ERP Solutions utilises dynamic processing, meaning data is processed real-time with easy to access information which allows for the best service levels with reduced resources;
  • Our ERP Solutions implementation costs are at small business prices while providing big enterprise functionality;
What are the benefits of using our   ERP Solutions?


  • Easy to use, adaptable and unsurpassed flexibility;
  • Increased productivity through the use of efficient modern tools allowing you to make better decisions with insightful information;
  • Improved Cash Flow by being responsive to customers while managing payment fulfillments by debtors and payments to creditors;
  • Ability to control inventory with the functionality to track and manage this critical business asset;
  • Mobile connectivity allowing access to your business information from anywhere, at any time, on any device;

Some of the Businesses that use Palladium Software

We also provide specialised business software for various applications such as:


  • Office suites e.g. Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office 365;
  • Teamwork or groupware platforms e.g. Microsoft 365;
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) e.g. Microsoft Dynamics 365, Hubspot
  • Integrated human resources & payroll management systems e.g. Payspace
  • Accounting and ERP Systems e.g. Palladium, Acumatica
  • Data Storage and cloud services e.g. Azure Cloud, SQL, 
  • etc.

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Asset Management Services


Assets are things of value to an entity or group. It applies to both tangible assets (such as buildings, motor vehicles) and intangible assets (such as human capital, intellectual property, goodwill and/or financial assets). Assets are expensive to acquire, create, operate, protect and maintain. Assets are at the heart of the success of an entity and represent a material cost or value of the entity.


Given the material role assets play towards the achievement of business objectives, we assist our clients to manage assets by the provision of the following services:


  • Asset planning/management strategy formulation;

  • Asset policy and procedures development and implementation;

  • Asset tracing, tracking and verification;

  • Asset management system or software;

  • Strategic asset sourcing and procurement support;

  • Asset management bureau  or control centre;

  • Asset Register compilation and reconciliation;

  • Asset Management Audit Review;

  • Maintenance and repair management;

  • Fleet and Machinery Management Maintenance & GPS Tracking; etc.

Risk, Compliance and Internal Audit Services


Many organisations have recognized the importance of good corporate governance, strong internal control system, and an effective risk management system. The ever-changing compliance and governance landscape raises the challenge of forcing businesses to ensure that their internal audit functions are effective and efficient. On the other hand, there is pressure for the internal audit and risk management functions to add value and improve the system of internal control in the ever-changing business environment.


Internal Audit Services:


Given the pressure and demands placed on Internal Audit functions, it's a necessity to capacitate the functions with appropriate technical skills to meet the demands and quality standards. However many Internal Audit functions have skills gap resulting in less focus being placed on the audit of core operations, instead, annual audit plans predominately focus on support functions such as HR, Procurement, Communication, etc. exposing their entity's to increased business risk. We at ECM Group are ready and prepared to assist close the gaps/weaknesses in the provision of the following Internal Audit services:


  • Provision of co-sourcing / outsourcing Internal Audit services;
  • Internal financial controls review;
  • Auditing of performance information / Auditing of predetermined objectives;
  • Performance audits / Value-for-money audits;
  • Occupational Health and Safety audit reviews;
  • Enterprise Risk Management reviews;
  • Project Management audit reviews;
  • Construction and Engineering reviews;
  • Infrastructure maintenance and repair management reviews including fleet management systems;
  • Provision of advisory and implementation support of audit technology/systems;
  • Combined Assurance advisory and consulting services;
  • Skills development, transfer and training;
  • Quality assurance reviews (IIA standards);
  • Corporate & IT Governance reviews;
  • Web-application security reviews;
  • Audit Committee training and advisory services; 
  • Operating system security reviews (e.g. Unix, AIX, Sun Solaris, and Windows);
  • Network security reviews (both internal and external vulnerability assessments, attack and penetration testing, domain controllers and network devices - firewalls, routers, switches and intrusion detection systems);
  • Application security reviews;
  • Database security reviews (e.g. Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase and Informix); and
  • Mobile application security review, Security governance reviews;
  • Business Intelligence and Data Analytics;
  • etc.

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Risk Management Services:


Companies need to undertake opportunities to pursue the achievement of business objectives. The pursuit of business opportunities comes with risk. Therefore the company needs to manage the pursuit of risks that generate the greatest opportunities for the business. We at ECM Group assist the companies to do this by offering the following services:


  • Development of effective enterprise risk management mechanisms and processes;
  • Assessment of enterprise risk management framework;
  • Performance of enterprise business level or emerging risk assessment;
  • Review the coordination between risk and compliance functions;
  • Performance of Enterprise Risk Management maturity assessment;
  • Performance of Enterprise Risk Management framework development and/or implementation;
  • Performance of Enterprise Risk Management Risk assessments;
  • Compliance, Risk Management, Health and Safety Tools and Applications
  • Enterprise Risk Management advisory using COSO Enterprise-wide Risk Management Framework or ISO 31000;
  • Assist in developing 'fit for purpose' Risk reporting that also provides forward-looking insights;
  • Enterprise Risk Management Skills development, transfer and training;
  • etc

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Compliance Management Services:


We use a state of the art GRC System for our Compliance, Risk Management, Environmental Management, Occupational Health and Safety system called IsoMetrix. IsoMetrix brings together, in a single system, all your requirements for managing business risk, legal compliance, governance and sustainability.


Optimise your business compliance levels using a system that provides an over-arching solution for all elements of GRC, from Health, Safety, Environment and Community to Enterprise Risk Management, Sustainability, Primary Healthcare and Wellness, and Social Management.


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